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letter to the editor

Time to Go Low?


Former First Lady Michelle Obama once famously said, "When they go low, we go high,” referring to Donald Trump’s bullying tactics during the 2016 presidential campaign. The catchphrase was a message for Democrats to behave differently than someone who treats others with disdain.

Unfortunately, adhering to that maxim in the era of Trump is a recipe for political suicide. To the MAGA minions, including many Republicans in Congress, civil discourse is a thing of the past. Despite a robust economy with 15 million new jobs and unemployment rates at record low levels, the electorate, particularly in crucial swing states, seems unimpressed with President Biden’s accomplishments.

A record of consequential legislation has done little to offset this lack of enthusiasm. Can it be that “going low” is paying dividends? Trump, aided by the media’s lopsided coverage of his relentless assaults on Biden’s character and policies, is winning the messaging game.

The time has come for the Biden camp to launch an overwhelming counter-offensive, replete with a highlight reel of Trump’s personal and professional failings, or risk losing in November.

Jim Paladino


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